5 Reasons To Be Bullish on Cool Cats’ New CEO

September 27, 2022

On September 21st, a Tweet confirmed that Cool Cats has a new CEO. The announcement stated “CEO Alert!!! Drumroll, please… Meet Stephen Teglas (Chief Cool Cat) – Disney, RECUR, and Warner Bros veteran – and now CEO of Cool Cats! Tune in now to Town Hall to hear directly from Chief Cool Cat.” As we can see by the Tweet, the new CEO has previously worked for DisneyRECUR, and Warner Brothers, so it’s a great coup for the NFT collection. 

This is the second CEO change this year, after Chris Hassett was appointed on January 21st. For those of you who don’t know anything about Stephen Teglas, you’re likely wondering whether this is a good or a bad thing for the ecosystem? To make this decision easier for you, I’ve compiled 5 reasons to be bullish on him as Cool Cats’ new CEO. 


#1 Experience 

Prior to Web3, Teglas has experience as the president of RECUR. Additionally, he ran consumer products, licensing and retail sales at Disney and Warner Brothers for over 25 years. Teglas was involved with re-building the Mickey Mouse brand and he did this through smart collaborations and partnerships. Teglas plans on doing something similar for Cool Cats, Cool Pets, and Blue Cats through strategic partnerships, leveraging the brand and its art. 

#2 Vision 

In the Town Hall discussion hosted on September 21st, Teglas demonstrated strong discipline and outlined his focus on staying true to the brands DNA, its long-term outlook and commitment to “cool.” He sees Cool Cats as an icon and the goal is for it to still be here for decades to come. This means that every decision, idea, and collaboration has to be in line with this goal. 

#3 Network 

As we can see from his credential, Teglas is very well connected. There is a saying that goes “network equals network”, and if that’s the case, then Teglas is a very rich man. Looking at his relationships with big brands within Web2 and Web3, Teglas is in a position to promote Cool Cats to some of the biggest names in business around the globe. 

#4 Community First 

“In my role, I serve the business but I also serve the community. It has to be the north star”, Teglas stated in the Town Hall. He went on to explain that he will be spending the next few months meeting community members and the council. His mission is to “understand the community, what they stand for, what they want and what it means to you.” Teglas is driven to bring true value to Cool Cats holders, and to provide unique ideas and experiences as he believes the community is the heart of the brand. 

#5 Web3 Native 

Teglas spent 1 year and 8 months working at RECUR. RECUR are the powerhouse behind drops such as the Nickelodeon NFT and Carebears NFT. The fact that Teglas was the president, then head of brand partnership, and finally its strategic advisor, suggests that he has plenty of Web3 experience. As we all know, successful Web2 tactics don’t necessarily translate to success in Web3. Having someone who is a Web3 native in charge is crucial, and Teglas seems to be the perfect fit.

If you’re still undecided, then I’m not sure how else to convince you. In this wonderful space, virtually anything can happen. The best thing to do now is to sit back, relax, and see how this one plays out. 

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