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The Top 5 AI Tools That Will Change Your Life

  1. TomeTome is an AI powered presentation builder. You don’t need much more than a few phrases about the subject to generate entire presentations. For people who need to do presentations for work, school, public events, and more, this tool is of immense help. Although this tool is not a one-and-done solution, it provides a fantastic starting point for you to have a sense of the format and you may alter the information to your preferences.
    2. Chat GPTGPT chat. During the recent AI boom, it became the star of the show in terms of popularity. Why then should you be interested in Chat GPT? Well, to begin with, it can greatly simplify your life if you require any text-based services to be done quickly. Users can ask questions on ChatGPT, and the bot will provide relevant answers in return. This can be applied to a variety of tasks, such as writing & structuring emails for outreach, creating website content for SEO, or even writing entire essays for your written exam.

    3. Quill Bot


    A great tool for editing any piece of writing’s language, tone, grammar, and punctuation is Quill Bot. Have an important email that simply doesn’t sound right? Throw it in Quill Bot, and it will quickly produce a highly professional and grammatically sound write-up. This tool is often used by authors and has been shown to be helpful when they are stuck.


    4. Super Human


    The future of email is Super Human. With the option to specify times and dates for emails you want to follow up on later, Super Human makes it possible for you to expedite the email process by placing the emails you value the most at the top of your inbox. Did we mention that it’s possible you can cancel a sent email? Anyone who often uses email would benefit from using this program.


    5. Rewind

    Rewind is referred to as the life search engine. You have the option to record anything you hear, see, or experience. Have a forgotten phone call that you’d like to review? To hear and see everything said, play back the recording feedback from two days ago. Everything is organized by the AI in a searchable manner. Use their search option to see every time you discuss a specific topic. If you or your team spend your entire day using computers, this tool could be quite helpful.



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