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10x Your Productivity With 3 AI Tools

AI is revolutionizing the way we work. It helps us brainstorm, drastically reduces the time it takes to complete tasks, and gives us skills we never dreamed of attaining.

Those that fail to embrace this new technology will fall behind and lose their competitive edge.

Those that learn how to harness the power of AI will become superhuman. Here are just three of the tools you can use to multiply your productivity.

1. RunwayML: A Powerful Video Editing Tool

RunwayML is a content creator’s dream. It is the perfect tool for video editors looking to speed up the editing process. It also enables businesses to create high-quality video content without incurring the expense of hiring an editor. Here’s a glimpse of what it can do.

Remove background from images and videos

People are charging around $30 on Fiverr to remove the background from a 30-second video. With the ‘green screen’ tool on Runway, you can now remove the backgrounds from videos in seconds.

Remove unwanted objects from videos

With the ‘Inpainting’ tool on Runway, you can very quickly remove any unwanted objects from videos.

Use text to generate color grades

Rather than spending hours testing different light settings, you can achieve any desired color grade by describing exactly what you want.

Create videos from images

Runway’s frame interpolation tool enables you to take images and create realistic-moving videos.

Split videos into clips

Video editors on Fiverr are charging hundreds of dollars per day to take long-form videos and edit them into short-form videos for Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, and YouTube Shorts. Runway can help content creators complete this task in minutes.

Generate subtitles

High-quality transcriptions for videos, interviews, and podcasts are not cheap. Now, AI can help you create almost perfect transcriptions in seconds.

These complex video editing tasks used to take years to learn, and hours to execute. Now, anyone with a computer can do them in minutes.

2. Create better content in seconds

If you have a blog, need sales copy, or write lots of emails, then could save you hundreds of hours every year. Here are just a few of the tasks it can help you with.

Write blogs in minutes

If you’ve ever written an article, you will know it can take days (if not weeks) to research, structure, and write. You can now use to do some of the heavy lifting for you. For example, here is a structure for an article called ‘5 Tips For Becoming More Productive’ generated by

You can take this structure and ask to expand on each section to draft the entire blog in minutes.

Sales copy for ads

If you are a marketer or run ads for your business, then this tool is a godsend. By providing a brief description of your product or service, will generate hundreds of different ideas for ad copy.

I asked to write an ad for WGMI’s newsletter. Here are the results:

Write emails

If you spend a chunk of your day writing and replying to emails, you would be a fool to not try Within seconds, this tool can write full emails, catchy email subject lines, and professional responses.

3. AssemblyAI: Record, analyze and summarize audio

This is the tool I wish I had in college. It’s also the tool I now use in every single meeting I attend.

It’s called AssemblyAPI, and it takes audio files and transcribes them. It can also analyze that transcription to produce summaries and insights within minutes. Here are a few productivity hacks you can unlock using AssemblyAI.

Record lectures and meetings

Being present and keeping focus in a class or meeting can be difficult when you are trying to keep a good note. Now, you can focus in meetings while AssemblyAI takes the note for you. It can summarize the note, identify important phrases, filter profanity, and even attach speaker labels.  

Pro tip: You can even search the transcription note using the (Ctrl+F) command. So if you are trying to remember the name of a book recommended by your lecturer or colleague, you can use the search function to quickly find it in your note.

Consume content quicker

Do you ever really want to watch a YouTube video or listen to a podcast, but simply don’t have a spare hour to watch it? Now, you can provide AssemblyAI the link to the YouTube video (or audio file), and it will generate a high-quality summary in minutes.

Pro tip: Send content summaries to friends, colleagues and clients to share the value and strengthen your network!

Closing thoughts

AI is a powerful assistant for completing almost any task. These are just a few of the tools you can use to level up your productivity.

The technology has been unleashed, and there’s no turning back now. Only those who learn to harness it will thrive and survive.


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