10 NFT Art Collections Under 1 ETH

November 8, 2022

NFTs appear to have gone full circle and back to what they originally started as, art. Prior to the profile picture collection, roadmap (including airdrops) and community hype, NFTs came in a more simpler form of digital artwork, and that alone. 

One example of this is popular digital artist, graphic designer and animator Beeple (Michael Winkelmann). Beeple’s art-based Genesis Collection was created back in October 2022, and it currently holds a strong floor price of 79 ETH. Much like in the real world where people simply enjoy collecting physical art, there are many avid enthusiasts who enjoy collecting digital art. 

NFT art collections have always done well, but recently, they have been absolutely ‘skyrocketing’ as attention has shifted away from profile picture projects. 

On Monday 7th November 2022, Fidenza #214 by Tyler Hobbs sold for a staggering 200 WETH  ($313,702 USD). Just 3 hours before that on the same day, Fidenza #100 was sold for 135 ETH ($200,155 USD). 

If you think these sales are impressive, then get this. On November 1st 2022, Fidenza 783 was sold for a whopping 300 ETH ($444,789 USD). Considering that the rest of the market is struggling and the majority of projects are ‘bleeding’ out, the fact that art projects are defying the bear market is exciting for the space.

Learning this, you’re probably wondering how you can get involved early before the next art project blows up. If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. The majority of art projects are performing well, but unfortunately, many of them are valued at the price of a sports car. 

For the average NFT enthusiast, purchasing a piece from elite collections such as FidenzasQQLChromie SquiggleMemories of QilinMeridian or other popular projects by Art Blocks is a dream given their multiple 5 and 6 figure floor prices. However, fear not, I have compiled a list of 10 NFT art collections with a floor price under 1 ETH. Let’s dive right in.

#1 Friendship Bracelets by Alexis André

Friendship Bracelets by Alexis André is a collection of 21,263 unique generative art friendship bracelets that includes instructions to make, in minutes, a simple bracelet using a few dollars’ worth of embroidery floss. 

The founder of Art Blocks (Erick Calderon) was incredibly excited to collaborate with renowned artist Alexis André to bring generative art and ephemeral physical objects together in the form of friendship bracelets. Conceptualized by Erick and aesthetically and programmatically designed by Alexis, this project pairs creative coding with a beautiful spectrum of embroidery floss colors. The design is aesthetically pleasing and the collection currently sits at a floor price of 0.3 ETH. 

#2 Catharsis by Dario Lanza

Catharsis by Dario Lanza is an art collection presented by gm.studio, a generative art platform by artists, for artists. The collection is the first long-structure and evolutive art project on the blockchain and it is the fifth to be featured on the generative art platform. 

Its art consists of a messier style, one that resembles paint flicks on a canvas. The collection consists of 999 pieces, and the current floor price is 0.47 ETH.    

#3 Wabi Sabi by Kazuhiro Tanimoto

Wabi Sabi by Kazuhiro Tanimoto is another collection by Art Blocks and it is one of ancient Japanese aesthetic senses, which is to find beauty in imperfect and lonely things. 

Current life is irrational and ephemeral. Peace and happiness are like a momentary illusion built on a fragile balance. Wabi-sabi is a conversion of the quality of loneliness within the self that accepts these things as beautiful with a sense of maturity. 

This work attempts to store the complex concept of Wabi-sabi on the blockchain. Directly, the code dynamically generates brushstrokes based on motifs of Shodo, Japanese calligraphy. Its collection size consists of just 205 pieces and its current floor price is 0.52 ETH. 

#4 Right Click Share by XCOPY and Deca

There is very little information available on what Right Click Share by XCOPY and Deca is, and its artwork is very peculiar. The art consists of shades of color, and nothing else. Despite this, it has still managed to reach a floor price of 0.539 ETH at the time of writing. 

The most likely scenario of why this is, is down to the fact that this collection is by XCOPY. XCOPY has a plethora of artwork on Superrare, and many of them sell for multiple 5, 6 or 7 figures.

#5 Plasticity by p4stoboy

Plasticity by p4stoboy is another collection presented by gm. studio, and it is a generative series of self-assembling fever dream infrastructure. 

The artwork resembles built-up cities, consisting of different buildings and skyscrapers. This collection is the second to be featured on the generative art platform gm. studio and it consists of 555 pieces. Currently, the floor price is sitting at 0.889 ETH. 

#6 Erratic by Owen Moore

Erratic by Owen Moore is yet another collection by Art Blocks. Erratic means irregular in performance, behavior, or attitude; inconsistent and unpredictable. 

The artist’s intent for Erratic was to challenge himself to create a purist’s form of generative art, wherein a set of randomized values are shaped to be used directly as inputs into an instruction path that is consistent in execution and does not use branching conditionals as a means of achieving variety in composition, color or form. 

The supply consists of 400 pieces and the floor price is currently at 0.169 ETH.

#7 GHOST IN THE CODE by Kazuhiro Tanimoto

GHOST IN THE CODE by Kazuhiro Tanimoto is again, by Art Blocks. This work is the product of a project to dwell undeletable souls on the blockchain. A system that generates human faces with different personalities and expressions from a minimum of code. After determining the personality from a hash, the face continues to change into various expressions. It is a living portrait, a fragment of minter’s soul, forever adrift in the vast net.

Living organisms are coded by a sequence of the four bases in DNA, and human DNA is composed of 3 billion base pairs. This is about 750 MB of information. And the difference in code between individual people is only 0.1%, or 750 KB. This slight difference creates all kinds of differences in appearance and physical functions. This is quite astonishing to our ordinary senses. The collection has a total supply of 404 pieces, and the floor price sits at 0.13 ETH. 

#8 Koripo by Rich Poole

Koripo by Rich Poole is yet another collection presented by gm. studio. It is a generative series exploring elemental abstract art and it is the third to be featured on the generative art platform gm. Studio. 

The artwork is somewhat trippy and there are 999 pieces in the collection. It currently sits at a floor price of 0.38 ETH at the time of writing. 


Another collection by notable artist XCOPY is MAX PAIN AND FRENS. The collection consists of 7,486 pieces and they are all visually identical. 

The artwork contains a face like structure, wearing a mask and with flashing lights and effects. At present, the floor price is holding strong at 0.71 ETH, and only 1% of the tokens are listed. 

#10 Autology by steganon

Last but not least, we have Autology by steganon, which is yet another collection by Art Blocks. Autology is a study of not only how we interpret art, but also how art can interpret itself. 

Each piece has its source code embedded imperceptibly within the image itself. Hence the source code is literally part of the artwork. With a little sleuthing, one can derive the source code from the image and vice versa in infinite recursion. 

The collection has a total of 1,024 pieces and a floor price of 0.62 ETH. 

There we have it, 10 NFT art collections under 1 ETH. If you’re interested in getting involved with the NFT art space, then this is a good start. 

This space is constantly evolving, and what is true today, may not be true tomorrow. Be sure to stay up to date to stay one step ahead. Perhaps you’ll be able to catch the next trend before it takes off. 

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